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The Food Box

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Еда и напитки

Home cooked meals are the best, BUT
• If you don’t feel like cooking or cleaning up
• Too busy with work, have more time for family & friends
• or the kids simply can’t stand another night of your signature chicken

Why not try
• The Food Box, your home taste meals in the box.
• It’s easy through our easy-to-navigate app.
• You can effortlessly find and order whatever you feel like.

We existed & aimed to
• source fresh local ingredients.
• daily cooked fresh meals delivered to your residence & office.
• made your meals healthier and more enjoyable.
• deliver you the most economical good taste meals.
• choice for suitable meal size, no food wastage policy.
• frequently change menu options.
• serve Asian & Western meals

How we do it?
• Our central kitchen is located near your place, to keep the freshness.
• Cleanliness is our priority.
• Separated food preparation areas for meat & vegetables.
• Enclosed food packing facilities.
• Tried our best to ensure reasonable pricing.
• No 10% service charge or delivery charges.
• We absorb GST.